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Sling Advertising

Do you remember watching commercials with sheer joy during the break of your favorite show? Television advertising is one of the most creative and entertaining sections of TV, for at least the older generations. People enjoyed singing along to household TV tunes and dissecting the imagery that made the ads highly captivating.

Nowadays, many households pull the plug on television and opt for connected TV like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes. Theses TV platforms offer a different advertising approach, which reduces consumer trust and challenges the relevance of TV advertising in today’s world. Can you trust connected TV Sling advertising?

What is connected TV advertising?

Connected TV is any TV platform that has a connection of access to content on the Internet. CTV includes buying ads programmatically, so they are viewable on tablets, mobile devices, and computers.

How do the ads work?

CTV ads are like a private marketplace. It gives access to premium ads to specific crowds using video, audio, OTT TV, and other display formats. Popular CTV platforms have different variables that align with the demographics’ demands. 

Reasons to use connected TV Sling advertising


Connected TV is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. They have a measurable performance and allow one to buy the ads in forms of packages. These ads have a compelling format that will enable one to track the progressive results throughout their journey on the platform.


Connected TV ads are cost-effective and have a precise marketing strategy. We can insert an advertisement in the middle of a game with a very high viewing audience. There is a high chance that the ad will be viewable by more than one person, and therefore you will not have to spend a fortune on many different advertisements.


It is possible to track how long the viewer let the ad play before skipping to the next slide. You can use these results to understand the traction you can get and optimize it for higher views. An engaged viewer means your ad has a powerful message that is likely to attract a high conversion rate. The real-time metrics indicate the following insights:

  • The number of impressions delivered
  • The views that generated conversions
  • The video completion rate, which shows the number of viewers who complete the ad
  • Frequency of households that view the ad


CTV allows marketers to use many different ad formats to drive the best engagement. You can improve performance by adding an executable call-to-action and links to other helpful platforms. Launch Media will add next-level ads to your portfolio, so the message is viewable on all screens and gives an unforgettable ad experience.

How can you get started with connected TV ads?

A CTV campaign is not very different from traditional advertising strategies. You will need marketing objectives and plans that match your business schedule. Our Sling advertising plan offers the following advantages:

  • Sling TV is available all over the US.
  • It is cheaper than a few comparable channels.
  • The platform has many viewers because it does not require a viewing contract.

Contact us if you want a massive transformation of your business through the Sling advertising marketing scheme and other Connected TV platforms.


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