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Internet Advertising San Diego

Internet Advertising San Diego

Traditional advertising in San Diego is dead! Today, companies use Internet advertising in San Diego. With Internet advertising, you won't reach as many people as you would with traditional advertising platforms, but you'll reach more of the right people, and that's what really matters!

Internet Advertising in San Diego by the Numbers

Think about it; you could reach one million people with traditional advertising (TV, radio, and print), but of those 1 million people, maybe only 2% of your audience will be interested in and respond to your ads. Of that 2% who respond to your advertisements only roughly 20% will make purchases. How many sales would you have made? You would have made 2,000 sales.

Now let's say you use digital advertising to find just 10,000 of the exact people you want to hear or see your message. Of those 10,000 people, 40% of them respond to your advertisement. Of that 40%, a whopping 50% of them convert to sales. That's also 2,000 sales total. The difference with digital advertising is that you will have only paid about 20% of what it would have cost you if you used traditional advertising! That means you could make five times as many sales with digital advertising that you would with the same budget using traditional marketing, even though you would have only reached 5% of the number of people!

Timing and Delivery is Everything When it Comes to Digital Advertising

There is a lot that goes into digital advertising, much more than finding the right audience or demographics to advertise to. Of course, finding the right people and getting your message to them is important enough, but how you get your message to people is equally important, and some experts would argue that it is even more important. Rankify Media works hand-in-hand with some of San Diego's best photographers, video producers, and graphic designers to create and deliver epic digital advertisements.

Along with how you deliver your advertisement, it is crucial to consider the timing of your digital advertisement. Have you ever been watching a YouTube video, and all of a sudden, you get interrupted by an advertisement? You have to wait five seconds before you are allowed to skip the advertisement, so what do you do? You've got your mouse hovering over the "Skip" button waiting for that five seconds to pass, and as soon as it does, you click "Skip." You are never going to view that ad because it was delivered at a horrible time - even if you would normally be interested in it!

Further, if you are like us, you are going to block that advertisement and probably boycott that company for the rest of your life, especially if they keep interrupting you with ads over and over again!

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Internet Advertising San Diego
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